Thursday, April 16, 2009


Last Monday we went to our Orientation to be adoptive parents. We sat for two hours and listened to the paperwork, the steps involved, the fact that we can't give them back. (Oh RLY?)

We talked on sibling groups, and how hard they can be to place (they had one with 10 kids - TEN!?). The presenter even told a story about a family who had no children and took in five. Somehow, that seems impossible - we're looking at taking a pair of two, and I'm frightened we won't be able to handle the two. We have such a quiet life - we're like nerdy monks - we might play video games and not talk for hours.

The orientation was not torture. It was not even difficult, except that I felt like I might slide off my chair at any point. Damn plastic things! Considering all the essays I've had to write lately for jobs, the paperwork was a piece of cake. We haven't done the hard part yet, but the first bit wasn't so bad.

However: how the heck do you tell if your water heater is on 120 degree or less if it doesn't have any freaking temperature markings? I'm going to scald my children to death in the bathtub because I don't know how to adjust the stupid water heater! Am I really supposed to get a thermometer I'd stick in my mouth and test the water from the tap? Seriously? That seems so...unscientific.

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  1. Your elbow or the inside of your arm is a good water tester for baths. They also make rubber duckies that are also thermometers. You're going to do wonderfully