Thursday, May 30, 2013

25 months. Soon.

Hey, it's been a while.

What a year! I will shortly post lots of pictures, and a huge post about all the changes and progress my amazing child has made. It'll make you sick.

However, in the meantime, for my preemie mom friends, if you haven't read this, you MUST:

It's called "Domestic Enemies of the Preemie Mom" and the part about going home without your baby is so perfectly stated that I seriously couldn't have said it better.

There's also a link to the original writer, but her blog is no longer accepting new readers. I have a huge sad about that.

Also: we're taking T to Disney world! I know, it's nuts - he's only two. Trust me. I know. However, my awesome parents want to take my baby to Disney, and I can't tell them no, so we're going too. More and pictures very soon!

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