Thursday, January 12, 2012

Seriously. I have to stop playing on the internet.

This review of the nosefrida is so true and so funny.

A nosefrida, if you don't know, is this thing. 

This thing is gross. You literally suck snot out of your kid's nose with a tube. There's a little spongy thing that keeps the mucus from getting in your mouth, but it's still kind of horrifying. 

T hates it. HATES. He SCREAMS. Imagine tearing a child's arm off, like in the beginning of Stephen King's book IT (if the kid survived, of course). That's how he screams. He screams MUCH harder than say, when the pediatrician stuck his finger for blood and then squeezed and squeezed and squeezed it. He does NOT appreciate the nosefrida. 

However, when you have a child that has to go to the pediatrician say, at least once a week (actually, I've totally lost track. I've made a vow to keep a doctor visit journal) and usually for breathing issues, getting rid of snot is a priority. Those bulbs just aren't good enough. So yeah, I'm willing to use the greatest thing on the market for my son. As a matter of fact, I've bought three. (The dog ate the first one, so I bought a spare the second time). 

It's amazing. Your kid will act like you chopped off his arm and ate it, but at least he'll be able to breathe. 

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