Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saving the trees.

It's been a fascinating day. Yesterday I was so ill I just lay on the couch and practiced my moaning skills. So pitiful was I, in fact, that I could not pick up my brand new Kindle to read. (An item I have been coveting for over a year.)

Shall I tell you about the Kindle? I love it. I love that I can read all these books, many of them for free, and not have to worry about hunting it down, or lugging out boxes to find them, or the space it'll take up. We already have eleventy billion books, and about forty bookshelves to hold them, so I'll take it. We have so many bookshelves, in fact, that the books are actually piling themselves out onto the floor in protest. There are boxes of books, also, and books that keep inexplicably showing up in the mail like lost friends. "Oh hai. We're your old childhood books. We found you! hahahaha!" Mocking me.

Therefore, the Kindle is lovely. They mock me from a list, rather than in piles on my floor. I can take the list mocking. They do mock me, friends. Because the one draw back to my new toy is that I have so many books, I don't feel the need to finish the current one. Very often I will skip from book to book, and forget I had the other one to read, except for the nagging little voices, reminding me that I am, in fact, not finishing my books. Oh, the horror! I will be poorly educated if I don't finish my books! Oh, wait. Yeah, I have a Master's degree. But! unfinished books! But...BUT UNFINISHED BOOKS.

So yes, I do keep going back and reading a few pages of A Confederacy of Dunces out of simple guilt - I don't really like it - but by God, I will read it!

A further caveat to the joys of the Kindle is the fact that it cost so damn much. So much, in fact, that I coveted for over two years without buying it, and hid it from my poor husband for over a week after I did buy it. I would have hid it for longer, but he caught me trying to plug it in. Oh, the horror of spending $300 for an item that holds books! As if I don't have far more than 30 books in there already, and I didn't pay no damn $10 a piece for them, but I digress. Think of all the space I'm saving! And trees!

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