Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Have you ever been encouraged to just "go off the pill" without telling your husband? Yes! I will simultaneously lose my husband and get a child! It's a great plan! Oh, wait.

Let's just say I'm tempted. Sure, I'm tempted, but I really see this as the kind of stupid decision that creates more problems than it solves. Would it convince my husband that we want a baby? Most likely. Would it also prove that I'm a terrible and impatient person who shouldn't be a mother, no matter how badly she wants it? Again, most likely. Who am I to make this decision without my husband agreeing? Really, it's my body, but it's OUR life, and if he bought a car without my consent, I'd shoot him. I'd hate to think of how he'd respond if I did that.

Now, having said this, I'm going to be jinxed and get pregnant accidentally. I just know it. Nope, wishful thinking.

On the bright side, I've lost almost two pounds on Weight Watchers! Yay!

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